Haley Secure at Quarter as Sherman Occupies Starting Berth--Army Team To Arrive Today

Coach Eddie Casey sent the Varsity football squad through a long, fast workout in the closed practice field beside the Stadium yesterday afternoon, and the team was put up against the Army plays for the second time this week.

A long session with the kickers and ends was the first item on the program and Casey stressed the covering of punts by the ends. White looked particularly good on the protection drill and kept up with his pace in the games where he has shown that he is the fastest man on the squad under a punt. Following the punting session, Casey put the passers to work on offensive and defensive heaving and later the Jayvees were brought in to give the team a further insight into the Army offensive in a dummy scrimmage. The afternoon on the field was topped off with a very fast signal drill in which speed in getting away was the objective.

Rogers Has Edge

The A lineup for yesterday was the same as it has been all week with the exception that Rogers seems to have the edge on Francisco at left tackle. Rogers played a brilliant game against Dartmouth two weeks ago and was slated to see plenty of action in the Lehigh contest, but he was injured in the practices late last week and so was unable to play. The injury is healed now and he is set to go against West Point.

Haley is secure in the quarterback post on the first-stringers and Prouty seems to have the call on the B club. Prouty has shown that he can pass and will help to make the second backfield a threat in the air. Sherman rates as the starting left halfback on Saturday, and Locke will probably be held in reserve for use late in the game.