Anti-War Propaganda Considered by Officials as Offense to Visitors From West Point

As a demonstration against war, a group in the Harvard Liberal Club will hold a mass meeting on the steps of Widener on Saturday at 12.15 o'clock just before the cadets conclude their parade there, and anti-war propaganda will be distributed along the route to the Stadium. The demonstration is to be made in conjunction with the National Students' League and the League for Industrial Democracy.

Could Not Reach President

President Conant could not be reached, but Matthew Luce '91, Regent of the University, when approached on the subject refused to give his approval for the meeting, saying that the cadets were the guests of Harvard and that he could not give his sanction to what might constitute an offense to the visitors. He offered his full approval if the meeting were held at 9 o'clock. The Liberal Club, however, has already voted to hold the meeting at the stated time regardless of the approval or disapproval of University authorities, "inasmuch as the demonstration is a matter of principle," a member of the Liberal Club Peace Committee, stated last night.

Club Votes at Meeting

At a meeting of the Club held Tuesday night, the assembly was proposed to a bare quorum of the members. An amendment was offered to make the plan subject to President Conant's approval, but this was defeated and the original measure passed by a substantial majority, although two members expressed themselves as being "unalterably opposed to the plan."


The assembly is scheduled to convene at 12.15 o'clock on the steps of Widener, and will be addressed by a speaker, as yet unannounced, for a period of 15 minutes. At 12.30 o'clock the cadets will parade in front of the Library and the meeting will disband, but anti-war pamphlets will be distributed to bystanders from the Library all along the route to the Stadium.

On the same day in the morning the Liberal Club will sponsor an anti-war mass meeting in conjunction with students of Wellesley College on the Boston Common.