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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

"In protest against the approval by the CRIMSON of lynching as an expedient of justice, as just shown in California, we wish to voice the indignation of a group in the University that is opposed to this attitude. In order to make this protest effective, we would like to obtain the signatures to the following letter of all those who pride themselves on still being human. The letter will be posted on the bulletin boards of the various houses and at the Union: Harvard University   Cambridge Mass.   November, 1933.

Governor James B. Rolph

State House


Sacramento, California

Governor Rolph:

We, the undersigned, students of Harvard University, emphatically condemn your stand in regard to the lynching of John Holmes and Thomas Thurmond.

Lynching is murder in its most brutal form. You, who are under oath to uphold the law, have given this worst of crimes your complete sanction. You cannot expect such men as Holmes and Thurmond to obey the law if the governor of the state of California does not.

Kidnapping is a detestable crime which should be wiped out, but the barbarous methods that you sanction to accomplish this end are infinitely worse.   David R, Schwartz   Robert Rice   Thomas Goldfrank   Bruce Bliven, Jr.