More Than Seventy Receive Degrees of Master of Arts--Award One Degree of Doctor of Commercial Science

In its annual mid-year award, the University announced yesterday the granting of 212 degrees. Nineteen bachelors of arts were created, 11 bachelors of science, 73 masters of arts, 25 doctors of philosophy, 2 masters of science in engineering, 54 masters of education, 3 doctors of education, 6 masters in architecture, 18 masters in business administration, and 1 doctor of commercial science. Thirty-three states, as well as the Territory of Hawail and four foreign countries, are represented by the winners of these degrees.

The complete list of degree winners in February, 1933, is as follows:

The following members of the Class of 1932 received an A.B. (Out of Course): W. S. Baskervill, Charleston, S.C.; F. S. Bayley, Jr., Seattle, Wash; P. J. Catinella, Belmont, Mass.; H. D. Courtemanche, Hudson, Mass.; J. B. Jackson, New York, N.Y.; W. W. Mein, Jr., San Francisco, Cal; A. I. Mitchell, Jr., Wilmington, Mass.; T. M. Page, Scarsdale, N.Y.; Le Roy Pemberton, Philadelphia, Pa.; C. H. Stockton, Boston, Mass; R. R. Sweeney, Bedford, Mass.; J. H. Tucci, Cambridge, Mass.

The following members of the Class of 1932 received an A.B. cum laude: D. R. Elder, Washington, Iowa; J. T. Ghiorse, Weymouth, Mass; D. A. Herman, Sandusky, Ohio; B. C. Meyer, White Plains, N. Y.

Two men of the Class of 1931, C. K. Loux, of Pocatello, Idaho, and Peyton Murray of Yonkers, N. Y., and F. N. Brewer, Jr. '30, received A.B. degrees.


The following members of the Class of 1932 received the S.B. degree (Out of Course): G. N. Barrie, Jr., of Brookline, Mass; J. E. Davidson, Brookline, Mass.; J. V. N. Dorr, 2nd, New York, N. Y.; R. B. Johnston, Rock Falls, Ill.; J. J. Mackin, Jackson Heights, N. Y.; A. B. Poole, Abington, Mass.; E. H. Sterne, Jr., Cincinnati, O.; Francis Woodbridge, Jr., Portland, Me.

C. A. Hagner, Jr. '31, of Wilmington, Del; and W. D. Ticknor, Jr. '30, of New York, N. Y. also received the S.B. degree. E. C. Sibley '27, of Kirkwood, Mo., received S.B. cum laude.

The following graduates of Arts and Sciences received A.M. degrees: J. S. M. Allely, Lindsey, Ont., Canada; O. R. Altman, E. St. Louis, Ill.; R. C. Bacon, Quincy, Mass.; D. M. Bates, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; G. G. Benedict, Providence, R. I.; B. K. Blossom, Marion, Ind.; J. W. Boldyreff, Battle Creek, Mich.; J. R. Brewster, Andover, Mass.; John Butler, Wakefield, Mass.; G. K. Chalmers, So. Hadley, Mass.; M. L. Chan, Tsingtao, China; Tsung-Yuang Chang, Anhin, China; Isiah Chase, West Roxbury, Mass.; D. L. Cherry, Watsonville, Cal.; F. H. Clark, Hyde Park, Mass.; R. E. Dees, Crystal Springs, Miss.; J. H. Denison, Jr., New York, N.Y.; A. I. Dixon, Reading, Mass.; W. E. Dodd, Jr., Chicago, Ill; M. A. Dolliver, Manset, Me.; J. W. R. Dow, Chicago, Ill.; W. A. Fowlie, Brookline, Mass.; A. R. Fulton, Geneva, N.Y.; W. C. Gutterson, Weymouth, Mass.; Miles Hanson, Jr., Weston, Mass.; S. G. Hanson, Winooski, Vt.; C. H. Hapgood, Winchester, N.H.; Eric Hartmann, Springfield, Mass.; Jack Hexter, Cincinnati, Ohio; F. E. Sears, Jr., Concord, N. H.; Morrison Sharp, Hingham, Mass.; C. E. Smith, Cambridge, Mass.; W. R. Smith, Jamaica Plain, Mass.; G. R. Steue, Williamsburg, Mass.; R. L. Swann, Schenectady, N.Y.; L. R. Thiesmeyer, Summit, N.J.; E. J. Hickey, Cambridge, Mass.; Milton Hopkins, Port Washington, N.Y.; R. H. Howland, Providence, R.I.; P. R. Jenkins, Rochester, N.Y.; C. L. Johnson, Waukon, lowa; W. D. Keller, N. Kansas City, Mo.; C. F. Kellogg, Gt. Barrington, Mass.; L. C. Keyes, Cambridge, Mass.; Henry Lasker, Hyde Park, Mass.; S. T. Kimball, Manhattan, Kan.; H. P. Lazarus, Syracuse, N.Y.; C. A. P. McAree, Haverhill, Mass.; R. G. McWilliams, Birmingham, Ala.; W. S. Martin, Greenwich, Conn.; G. J. Maschinot, Paris, France; J. M. Moore, Parkville, Mo.; H. L. Movius, Jr., Boston, Mass.; C. P. O'Donnell, Chicago, Ill.; A. G. Peterson, Washington, D.C.; D. A. Ramsdell, Sherborn, Mass.; H. A. Rehder, Jamaica Plain, Mass.; J. W. Riley, Jr., Brunswick, Me.; G. M. Riseman, Dorchester, Mass.; T. W. Robinson, Cambridge, Mass.; J. A. Ross, Jr., Cambridge, Mass.; G. R. Russell, Milton, Mass.; F. J. Safler, San Francisco, Calif.; A. W. Samborski, Belmont, Mass.; Barnett Savery, Seattle, Wash.; J. S. Thomas, Quincy, Mass.; P. A. Tyko, Boston, Mass.; L. A. Walford, Cam-

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