Jayvees Win Two Diamond Games As Golfers Beat Boston University --- Crimson Victorious in Most Week-End Sports

Freshman Track Team Overcomes Andover

Avenging a 40 1/2-40 1/2 tie with the Blue in the winter, the powerful Harvard Freshman track team defeated the Andover outfit, 78-48 Saturday at Andover. The Crimson won nine firsts, and took every place in the broad jump and mile run. Six of the Harvard winners were ex-Andover trackmen. F. J. Lane '36 won the 100-yard dash in 10 seconds, and the 220 in 22 seconds. N. L. Cahners '36 won the hammer throw by only an inch margin, his best throw being 167 feet, 10 1-2 inches. The summary:

120-yard high hurdles-Won by R. c. Hayes (H); second, D. C. Crawford (H); third, Wingate (A). Time--16 1-5s.

220-yard low hurdles--Won by Kitchel (A); second, D. C. Crawford (H); third, Rafferty (A); third Crosby (A). Time-22s.

220-yard dash--Won by F. J. Lane (H); second, Wolfe (A) third, Crosby (A). Time--22s.

100-yard dash--Won by F. J. Lane (H); second; A. F. Duffey, Jr. (H); third, Wolfe (A) Time--10s.


440-yard dash--Won by John Dorman (H); second, D. W. Schoonmaker (H); third, Stevens (A). Time--52 2-5s.

880-yard dash--Won by A. A. Bliss (H); second, Howe (A) third, J. T. Sullivan (H). Time--2m, 3 2-5s.

Mile run--Won by R. S. Playfair (H); second, L. C. Lean (H); third, I. H. Orr (H). Time--4m. 39 2-5s.

12-pound hammer throw--won by N. L. Cahners (H), 167ft. 10 1-2in.; second, Sears (A), 167ft. 9 1-2in.; third, Peterson (A), 143ft.

Shot put--Won by Graham (A), 50ft. 5in.; second, Dwyer (A), 49ft. 1-2in.; third, R. C. Hall (H), 47ft. 5in.

Broad jump--Won by F. G. Dunlevy (H), 21ft. 8 1-2in; second, W. S. Fitz, Jr. (H) 20 ft. 9in.; third, M. Z. Paisner (H), 19ft. 9 1-2in.

Javelin throw--Won by R. C. Johnson (H), 168ft. 9in.; second, F. G. Dunlevy (H), 167ft. 4 1-2in.; third, Vorse (A), 157ft. 7 1-2in.

High jump--Won by Badman (A),5ft. 10in.; second, A. H. Weed (H), 5ft. 9in.; third, tie between P. C. Tiffany (H), L. N. Stevens (H), J. C. Precut (H), 5ft. 2in.

Pole vault--Won by Harding (A), 11ft. 6in. second, tie between J. G. Piper (H) and Sawyer (A), 11ft. 8in.

Discus--Won by Dwyer (A), 129ft. 1-2in.; second, Malcolm Millard (H), 127ft.; 7 1-2in.; third, Graham (A), 123ft. 9in.