Harvard in the Day's Ads


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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

May I call your attention to a double-column advertisement in the current issue of Time, in which, under a prominently displayed Veritas seal, "The Graduate School of Business Administration of Harvard University Announces its Second EXTRA SESSION...especially designed for young men of ability..." One looked on with more cynicism than surprise when the H. A. A. took to boosting the sale of football tickets by subway posters, but one hardly expected to find the Business School seducing unwary prospects by magazine advertisements. Apparently its ballyhoo about placing all its graduates (as clerks in chain groceries) isn't having its calculated effect on the enrollment.

Now that the ice has been so effectually broken, there is no reason why the University shouldn't go ahead with a national campaign. Any day now we may open a magazine to read "Try Harvard. It Arouses the Intellectual Emotions," or "Mrs. Saltonstall Cabot-Lowell Says 'Harvard Has Such a Soothing Taste, Don't You Think?'" or 'Let Us Tell You About Jim Conant's New Course in Mind Building."

It seems to me about time the buildings across the Charles were sold at auction to the Alexander Hamilton Institute, or, better still, made into what they are already fast becoming--a home for cast-off Brain Trustees. Gilbert Satterthwaite '35.