Crimson Matmen Edge Brown 15-13, as Freshmen Win 31-0

Bruins Fell Two Unbeaten Wrestlers in 145-Lb., Heavy Classes

Dogged determination of a shifty Brown mat squad held Crimson opponents to a two-point margin of victory as home grapplers in the Indoor Athletic Building won 15-13 last Saturday. Freshman season.

At the same time Yardling matmen blanked the Providence yearlings to the tune of 31 to 0.

118-pound class: Ross (H) defeated Cain (B), by decision.

126-pound class: Daily (H) defeated Ten Haggen (B), by decision.

135-pound class: Richter (H) defeated Ten Haggen (B), by decision.


145-pound class:(B) threw Page (H) in 3 min., 3. sec.

155-pound class: Senegal (B) defeated Gosline (H), by decision in an overtime.

165-pound class: Daughaday (H) defeated Keller (B), by decision.

175-pound class: Harkness (R) defeated Chase (B), by decision.

Unlimited class: Fuller (B) threw Gardiner (R), in 2 min., 15 sec.

Referee: Leathers (Varsity), Smellow (Freshman).