Drastic Reorganization of the Harvard Chess Club Results In New Constitution and Inauguration of College Ladder

Curtain Falls on Metropolitan League Competition in Early February

Fresh from its third consecutive triumph in the H.Y.P.D. matches held annually in New York during the Christmas holidays, the Harvard Chess Club looks forward to the New Year with a brand new, more specific constitution and highly original undertakings among its Yardling members.

The whole club has been drastically reorganized in order to keep pace with new developments and to provide for a growing membership which has new reached over 60. In addition to the new constitution, a college chess ladder open to all undergraduates has been organized.

At the first meeting of the year John A. Moore '38 was reelected president of the Chess Club. Other members of the governing board include John J. Fernsler '40, vice-president; John L. Foster '38, secretary; and Robert E. Wernick '38, treasurer.

"Prospects Excellent," Says Foster

Asked about chess prospects at Harvard, Foster replied, "They are excellent." Then, mentioning the fact that many Chess Club members have distinguished themselves in this field in later life, he went on to say that although the match with C.C.N.Y. had been unavoidably cancelled there would probably be a match with Columbia University in the spring.


When the curtain falls on the Metropolitan League competition early in February, the chess season officially ends, but many Harvard chessmen will undoubtedly enter the Massachusetts State tournament which comes later.

Yardling Chessmen Active

This year Yardling chessmen have been extremely active. The Freshman chess ladder continues under the leadership of Arthur O. Lewis, Jr. '41. Hard pressed by Louis R. Chauvenet '41, Ariel A. Mongarini '41 still maintains his lead in the ladder.

Chauvenet, who distinguished himself in local tournaments during the holidays, has recently published the first issue of his new magazine, the Harvard Chess. In the future this magazine will contain not only Yardling chess news but all college chess news as well.

The Freshman B team is working hopefully toward what may prove to be a Metropolitan League Championship is its division. So far it has won four, tied three, and lost one match to the City Club. At 8 o'clock on Saturday the team faces the City Club in what will probably be the deciding match of the competition.