University Calls Two Germans and Two From England for Teaching and Research Work

Thirteen new appointments to the faculty, including two Germans, two from England, and one from China, have been announced by the University. Ten went to the Harvard Medical School's teaching and research staff, while the Dental School, Engineering School, and Graduate School of Public Administration acquired one each.

The names are:

Medical School: Lucie Adelsberger, Berlin, Germany, instructor in bacteriology; George Schlomer, Berlin, Germany, instructor in psychiatry; Charles R. Atwell, '28, Boston, instructor in psychology; George M. Wyatt, Wilmore, Kentucky, instructor in Roentgenology; Rupert A. Chittick, Waverley, assistant in psychiatry; Thomas Colver, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, research fellow in medicine; Kenneth M. A. Perry, London, research fellow in medicine; Rulon W. Rawson, Chicago, Illinois, research fellow in medicine and assistant physician to the Collis P. Huntington Memorial Hospital; Francis R. Dieuaide, Peiping Union Medical College, China, research associate in biological chemistry; Philip F. Partington, East Orange, New Jersey, research fellow in medicine.

Dental School; Frank F. Bliss, Cranston, Rhode Island, assistant in Roentgenology.

Graduate School of Public Administration: Stuart Rothman, Cambridge, consultant.


Graduate School of Engineering; Charles J. Walsh, Allston, demonstrator in engineering drawing.