Student Council in Sympathy With His Stern Denunciation of Nazi Barbarities

Hearty support for the refugee scholarship plan was voted by the Student Council at a meeting last night in Phillips Brooks House.

The Council's statement follows:

"The Student Council heartily endorses the plan of the Undergraduate Committee on Refugee Students. The Council feels that the action of the University in making possible the 20 scholarships for refugee students of all creeds is an enlightened and constructive measure affirming faith in democracy and tolerance.

"The sentiment of the Council coincides with President Conant's stern denunciation of the present barbarities in Germany. The Council hopes that the plan of the Committee and of the Harvard Corporation will be received with the whole-hearted favor and cooperation of the student body."

At the same time the Council delegated its president, Richard H. Sullivan '39, to represent the Council on the Refugee Committee.


The action of the Council was praised by Refugee Committeemen, since this is the first time that the Council has joined other organizations in sponsoring any kind of student movement.

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