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To the Editor of the Crimson :

(A contribution to that column of student opinion styled "The Mail." The title or subject matter of this missive might well "Let Us Be Virtuous" or "There is Work to be Done Before We Sharpen Our Skis" or "Honor His Memory" or "Who More Slothful in Their Inward Turning Gaze Than We".)

Although most of his covering received in last week-end's storm has now disappeared of its own volition, in future something should be done right away about John Harvard. He shouldn't be allowed to sit out there in front of University Hall covered with snow.

Overcoatless, hatless, and blanketless, he and his peers may have braved the arctic winters of Massachusetts in their time. But surely they would bestir themselves to shake the snow from their locks and laps.


Must the ghost of Harvard return from the grave to render him his due? It is an insult to him and a slothful blotch on the self-respect of his current sons not to keep him polished up in winter as in spring.

Furthermore, the statue will probably endure longer if it is not exposed to the disintegrating effects of melting and freezing water any more than is strictly necessary. Richard Ralston '41.