'41 Track Men Take 8 Firsts, Beat Andover 55 5-6 to 26 1-6

Partlow Wins Two Events, Sets Broad Jump Record

Bob Partlow, with firsts in the broad and high jumps and a second in the dash, led a strong Freshman track team to a decisive victory over Andover Saturday 55 5-6 to 25 1-6. Partlow set a new cage record in the broad jump, and Exeter's Rolla Campbell equalled the cage record for the 600-yard run.

The summary:

40-yard high hurdles--Won by Donohue (H); second, Murphy (A); third, Shaeffer (H). Time 5 3-5s.

40-yard dash--Won by Smith (H); second, Partlow (H); third, Murphy (A). Time--4 4-5s.

300-yard run--Won by Pirmie (A); tied for second, Coles (A) and Smith (H). Time--34 4-5s.


600-yard run--Won by Campbell (H); second, Kellar (A); third, Lee (A). Time--1m. 17 3-5s. (equals cage record).

1000-yard run--Won by Oldfather (H); second, Nichols (H); third, Falconer (A). Time--2m, 25 4-5s.

Shot put--Won by Harlow (H); second, Cutter (A); third, Budlong (H). Distance--47ft. 5 1/2 in.

Pole vault--Won by Rosenberger (H); tied for second, Martin (A), Stimson (A), Donohue (H). Height--11ft. 6in.

Broad jump--Won by Partlow (H); second, Gould (A); third, Donohue (H). Distance 22ft. 2in. (new cage record).

High jump--Won by Partlow (H); second, Russell (H); tied for third Gould (A) and Hochm (H). Height--5ft, 11 1/2in.