Nathaniel Benchley to Chairman '38 Class Nominating Committee

Amory, Dean, Lane to Nominate Panel for '39 Album Election On March 1, 2

Nathaniel G. Benchley was named chairman of the Senior Class Nominating Committee last night. Other members are J. Sinclair Armstrong, Lyman B. Burbank, Joseph Franklin, Elliot B. Knowlton, George F. Lowman, and Robert T. Whitman.

The appointments were announced by Francis Keppel '38, president of the Student Council. Duties of the Committee will be to nominate candidates for Class marshals, treasurer, chorist, orator, odist, and poet. The nominations for these positions will be published in the CRIMSON on Monday, February 21, and the election will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, March 1 and 2.

Activities of Seniors

Benchley is chairman of the Dunster House Committee and former president of the Lampoon, Armstrong is from Leverett House and former editorial chairman of the CRIMSON, Burbank is athletic secretary of Winthrop House, Franklin is chairman of the Dudley House Committee, Knowlton is chairman of the Lowell House Committee, Lowman is a member of the Kirkland House Committee and a letterman in basketball and tennis, and Whitman is former head manager of football.

A committee of two Student Council Seniors was chosen to count the ballots for the election. They are Richard O. Ulin and Alvah W. Sulloway.


Three Juniors

At the same time, Keppel announced the appointment of a Junior Nominating Committee of three men. The Juniors are Cleveland Amory, chairman, Phillip Dean, and Robert E. Lane.

Dean was secretary-treasurer of his Freshman class and is a member of the crew squad, Lane is president of the Student Union, and Amory is president of the CRIMSON.

The Junior Committee will be responsible for nominating a panel from which five will be elected to run the 1939 Album. The nominees will be announced in next Monday's CRIMSON, and the election will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 1 and 2.