National Arbitration Of Labor Conflicts Is Subject for Debaters

Crimson Orators Oppose Stanford In Lowell House Common Room Tonight

In its first home debate of the season the Debating Council will oppose a team from Leland Stanford in the Lowell House Common Room tonight at 8 o'clock. The Harvard team will be composed of Lawrence F. Ebb '39, and Phil C. Neal '40, the same group that opposed Melbourne University in a radio debate in December.

They will take the negative of the subject: "Resolved, That Congress should empower an administrative agency to enforce compulsory arbitration in all industrial disputes."

Popular in college debates this year, the subject was won from Melbourne by the Crimson orators 3-0 and has been discussed by the Stanford team on its transcontinental tour.

Harvard teams have uniformly opposed the measure in previous encounters on the grounds that such an amendment would rather cause a further aggravation of industrial disputes and would hinder the orderly development of collective bargaining in this country.

Stanford will be represented by Gerald Marcus, chairman of the university's peace committee, and Carl Diesenroth, former champion debater in the Pasadena Junior College.


Further debates scheduled by the Council include one here in March with Vassar on women jurors, one with Boston College a week from Wednesday on the business program of the New Deal.