Regional Harvard Clubs at Cincinnati

Conant to Speak to Delegates Coming from Five States in Middle West

Harvard men from five mid-western states will pour into Cincinnati next Tuesday for the first Regional Harvard Club meeting, at which President Conant will be the guest of honor.

From Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee, where about 4000 graduates live, delegates will come to the meeting which will also feature a symposium to be participated in by over 50 college presidents.

The program will open with a luncheon sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in honor of Conant, and will be followed by a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Associated Harvard Clubs.

The high point of the afternoon program will be a symposium at the University of Cincinnati on the subject: "Preparing the college student for citizenship." Dr. Raymond Walters, President of the University of Cincinnati, will preside over more than 50 college presidents, including the heads of Ohio State, Kenyon, Antioch, Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, Centre, and Kentucky.

A tea for the visiting Harvard men precedes the triennial dinner in the Hall of Mirrors in a Cincinnati hotel. Besides Conant, Abbott A. Thayer '04, president of the Cincinnati Harvard of the Associated Harvard Clubs, will speak.


This will be the first of what is hoped to be triennial Regional Harvard Clubs Meetings, in order that delegates from Clubs that Conant cannot visit individually may hear the President and have some contact with the University.


Five Hundred copies of this issue of the CRIMSON are today being sent to Cincinnati to greet the Graduates from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee in their first Regional Harvard Clubs Meeting.