Columbia Upsets Crimson Quintet in 58-34 Triumph


Special Dispatch To The Crimson

Scoring almost at will, Columbia's basketball team trounced the Crimson quintet last night in the Morningside Gymnasium 58 to 34 in a surprising upset which lowered the Varsity's standing to five wins and four losses.

The Lions run up their highest total of the season to continue their string of startling upsets and enter a triple tie for second place with the Cantabs and Penn.

Johnnie O'Brien, Columbia's captain was high scorer with eight field goals and five successful fouls, followed by Tom Macioce who garnered runner-up honors with sixteen tallies.

Lupien High Crimson Scorer


Ulysses Lupien led the Crimson five with 11 points as the visiting team never penetrated the Blue and White's defense with any degree of regularity.

Obviously hampered by their loss of Charlie Lutz, first string forward who was injured in the Cornell game, the Crimson played a listless game, leading the Lions on only one occasion.

After trailing 14 to 22 at the half, the Feslermen, cut down the enemy lead to six points but Coach Paul Mooney's men put on the pressure to score five straight goals. COLUMBIA  HARVARD Anderson, l.f.  l.f., Litman Leggett, l.f.  l.f., Heckel Naylor, r.f.  l.f., Legg Rafal, r.f.  r.f., Lowman Macioce, c.  c., Herrick O'Brien, lg.  l.g., Dampeer Wolff, l.g.  l.g., Struck Retano, r.g.  r.g., Wills Geiger, r.g.  r.g., Lupien

Goals--Columbia: O'Brien 21, Macioce 16, Anderson 8, Naylor 6, Retano 4, Geiger 2, Rafal 1; Harvard: Lupien 11, Struck 8, Herrick 8, Lowman 2, Litman 2, Heckel 2, Wills 1.