Ten Harriers in Yale Race Will Receive Letters; Cheer Leaders' Sweaters to Be Uniform

A minor 'H' in major colors will hereafter be awarded to the ten cross country runners who compete against Yale, according to action by the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports, it was announced yesterday.

As in the past, the award of a major 'H' will be made to every man on the Varsity team who places in the first three finishing the run with Yale and to each one who finishes seventh or better in the I. C. A. A. A. A. meet. Most important is the change of the award of minor 'H's from the first five to all ten of the men running against Yale.

Cheer Leaders Get Sweaters

Also voted at the same time, cheer leader sweaters henceforth will be white with a crimson block 'H' and a black border in order to insure a uniform appearance. Before this cheer leaders have worn the sweaters of their respective sports and consequently suffered personal loss on rainy days.

The head cheer leader will appoint his assistants for the year and his successor for the following year.