Sports Group O.K.'s Swimming as Seventh Major Sport Conant to Tell Educators of Plan to Limit Students

Ulen Sees Widespread Effect On New England Colleges as Hutter Praises Coach

Official confirmation of swimming's status as a major sport came yesterday from the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports. The committee adopted the recommendation passed last Thursday by the Student Council.

Effective immediately so that this year's undefeated swimmers will benefit by the change, the new ruling provides that all men who place against Yale in the dual meet March 12 will receive major letters. Those who compete in the contest with the Elis but do not place will receive a minor "H" in major colors.

Also, any swimmer placing in the National Collegiate Championships, to be held at Rutgers March 25 and 26, will receive the major "H". Colors for swimming awards will be decided upon when the committee meets in April.

Coach Hal Ulen expressed his pleasure that his team's status has been elevated. "We hope to continue our record of success in the major ranks as we have in the minor," he declared. "Harvard, having given swimming a major status, will influence New England colleges and promote the sport in collegiate circles."

Captain Charles G. Hutter '38 said that he was glad the University as a whole has shown keen interest in the growth of the aquatic sport at Harvard. Praising Coach Ulen, he said, "I feel that under the fine guidance of Hal Ulen as coach, Harvard teams will be able to maintain the degree of performance which has been shown in the past."


Members of the committee are William J. Bingham '16, chairman; Dean Hanford; Adlie V. Bock, Henry K. Oliver Professor of Hygiene; William Edmonds '00; George Whitney '07; Charles Buell '23; Morris Earle '38; C. Russell Allen '38, and Wiley E. Mayne '38. The death of Chester N. Greenough '98 leaves a vacancy.