Naval ROTC Cruise In Summer Features Three Day Sojourn in Havana

Sailors Also Participate In Target Practice In July

Over 80 members of the Harvard R. O. T. C. will sail the Spanish Main on the annual summer practice cruise of the unit this summer. Last summer the marines visited San Juan, Porto Rico, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and Kingston, Jamaica.

This summer's feature will be three days shore leave in Havana, the heart of the rumba country. The tars will be turned loose in the town, and except for an occasional watch duty, may remain on shore during that time.

After leaving Havana the outfit, aboard the Arkansas, 28,000 ton superdreadnaught, and two destroyers, the Roper and the Tillman, will proceed northward to Annapolis where they will spend the Fourth.

Next the fleet steams to the southern drill grounds for target practice. Firing five-inchers, gun crews from Harvard will compete with turret marksmen from Yale, Northwestern, and Georgia Tech.

Target practice over, the battleships head for home, bearing a detachment of tired but happy jack-tars.