AFL Conceded Chance Only with Maids; No Figures Available Yet on Dining Hall Vote

Four months of bitter rivalry between A. F. of L. locals and the inside union in their struggle to organize the employees of the University for the first time in history will be settled once and for all when eight units of workers go to the polls under the supervision of the State Labor Commission today.

Both sides claim overwhelming support for their systems of representation, but informed observes contended last night that the H. U. E. R. A. would score a complete triumph in at least seven departments, possibly winning by a close margin among the maids.

Three large squares on each ballot give workers the opportunity to vote for either the American Federation of Labor, the inside union, or independence from both. Specially appointed observers and checkers from both unions and the University will stand watch at the polls today, while the SLRB will direct tabulation of the ballots.

The eight units as determined by the State are: maids in the caretaking department; male employees in the care-taking department; employees in the maintenance division, excluding foremen and office workers; operating engineers in the Engineering-Operating Department.

Also included are employees in the engineering division, excluding operators, chief and assistant engineers; university press men, excluding officials; the H. A. A. maintenance workers; and University Yard Cops