Eliot Boat Wins Agassiz Cup With Bellboys Second

Set House Record for Henley in 7:08 Winning by Length; Eliot Seconds Win

It was clearly Eliot's race all the way on the charles yesterday as a smooth and powerful Elephant shell surged across the finish line in the record time of 7:08 to win the Agassiz House crew cup.

Lowell finished nearly a length behind in 7:11, a deck length in front of Kirkland, as Leverett trailed in fourth place. In the finals of the second crew races another Eliot crew beat Winthrop by a length. Kirkland and Dunster were in third and fourth place.

Although the Elephants got the jump at the start in the feature brush and hung on to their lead, there was a hot tussle for second. At one point more than a length behind, the Bellboys but on the pressure in the last few hundred yards to nip the Deacons by a deck length.

The first start was called off when Bob Coquillette, rowing at seven in the Leverett shell, broke his car within the 30 second time limit. Leverett, Kirkland and Lowell crossed the line in a blanket finish.

The first crew lineups:


Eliot: Stroke, D. Emerson; 7, A. Haddon; 6, W. Klein; 5, F. Barnum; 4, J. Lioyd; 3, A. Cook; 2, c. Keller; bow, E. Walkley; cox, R. proctor.

Lowell; stroke, P. Scott; 7, R. Kernan; 6, R. Hogerty; 5, M. Pirnie; 4, S. White; 3, D. Todd; 2, H. Call; bow, J. Meigs; cox, R. Boyd.