German Club to Present Satire on Life In German Duchy on Saturday Evening

"Moral", Short Play by Ludwig Thoma, Has Large Cast of German Students

"Moral", a three act comedy by Ludwig Thoma, will be presented by the Verein Turmwaechter, Harvard German Club, on Saturday evening at the Cantabrigia Club.

The satire which concerns the doings of a newly formed society for the suppression of vice will be given in modern dress, although the depraved morals are supposed to be those of a capital of a German duchy.

The principal humor is supplied by the gentlemen of the society who attempt to correct this vice, but become involved in a doubtfully moral association with "a lady of leisure."

R. E. Rogers '38, William Bonner '41, John Briggs '38, will play the parts of the gentlemen who are out to suppress vice.

Max Kraus '41, Ray Farwell '40, Walter Klein '39, Roger Clapp '41, E. P. Richardson, Jr. '39, Frank Kroll '41, George Farwell '41, Robert Ridder '41 are the numerous petty officials of the duchy.


Fran Linz Beermann will be played by Miss Victor. Fran Bolland, Miss Garfield; Fran Lund, an elderly lady, Miss Constable; Effle, Beermann's daughter, Miss Chaffee; Ninon de Hauteville, a lady of leisure, Miss Dorothea Macmillan.