Participation Figures Go Up Seven Per Cent, Defaults Down 65 Per Cent, Says Samborski

By virtue of their 5 to 4 victory over Kirkland in soft ball yesterday, the plugging Bellboys, who have never faced Yale in any sport this year but who have lost only one point in defaults, nosed out the Deacons by 11 points to cinch the Straus trophy.

In an inter-House athletic your characterized by seven per cent greater participation and 65 per cent less defaults than last, Lowell failed to break into the winning column in any fall sport, while Kirkland was winning both football leagues. In the winter, Bellboys triumphed in squash, the biggest House sport from the standpoint of participation figures, and in fencing.

Lowell Forges Ahead

It was this spring that Lowell forged ahead, annexing second place in every sport except track, which the Bellboys won by a large margin.

This has been the House program's most successful year according to Adolph W. Samborski, Director of Intramural Athletics. A hundred and fifty teams have competed during the year, an increase of 33 over last. Participation figures have leaped up until they cover 58 per cent of House membership.


Final point standings for the year are: Lowell, 1320 1/2; Kirkland, 1309; Eliot, 1253; Adams, 1046 1/2; Leverett, 1010 3/4; Winthrop, 927 3/4; Dunster, 856 1/2; and Dudley, 796 3/4.

Winner of the Straus, trophy for the first two years after it was presented, Lowell was supplanted by Kirkland last year.

Greatest addition to this year's athletic schedule was the soft ball league this spring, in which 171 men participated. Boxing, fencing, and wrestling, inaugurated this winter, drew 33, 18, and 44 men respectively.

In contests with Yale, championship House teams have come out slightly in the red, with six defeats against five victories recorded.