Harvard Tackles Vassar in Hockey

Green Crimson Eleven Stars Nine Commonwealth Fellows In Contest Today

Starring nine Commonwealth Fellows, exchange graduate students from English universities, six of whom are residents here, a highly-touted Harvard field hockey team faces a powerful Vassar eleven in a presumably heated contest this afternoon at Poughkeepsie.

Although five of the Crimson players have never handled a hockey stick before, the team is expected to display a united front before the Vassar onslaught. The Harvard attack will center about Richard S. Smith, formerly of the Oxford field hockey squad. Of the Crimson eleven, five are Oxford graduates who played the game in England in their undergraduate days.

When Patrick Horace Nowell-Smith of Eliot House heard that Angus McIntosh of Lowell House knew a member of the Vassar hockey team, he suggested that McIntosh arrange a match. The latter's Poughkeepsie correspondent proved exceedingly cooperative, and the game was scheduled.

From the first bully on, the Cambridge men will attempt to keep the ball rolling. However, they will be handicapped by their inexperience and unfamiliarity with the rules.

Harvard men on the Crimson team are: Angus McIntosh '26, Richard S. Smith 1G, H. R. X. D'Aeth '2G, David C. Russell, 1G, John E. G. Raymond, 1G, Patrick H. Nowell-Smith, 1G, and Frank W. Hatfield '38.