135 Police Braced for Eli Invaders, Scalpers, Mobs

Forty University policemen and detectives will infiltrate Harvard grounds this weekend, spend their time lurking in doorways and fingering bursar's cards, and tracking down playful and inebriated Yalies.

With his full force on duty, University Police Chief Randall feels that Yale will get licked twice in the same way that Brown did--once by the football team and again by his prowling police. "They won't get away with a thing," he promised.

In addition to Chief Randall's full force, HAA Director Bill Bingham has three men on the "scalping and grifting" detail. Cambridge police have alerted 65 men, and Boston forces will muster about 25 officers down by Soldiers Field. This means that there will be one agent of the law for every 432 spectators expected at the stadium, and one for every 165 Yalies.

War on Scalpers

Bingham will continue his annual war on scalpers in the traditional contest by stationing three agents from the Cambridge police force strategically around Harvard Square. These three men, Lieutenants Breen, Robbins, and Murphy, are the same officers who cracked the Coop robbery.


They explain that suspicious characters can be booked on charges of loitering, and selling without license. Students will find themselves blacklisted if caught dealing in tickets.

Chief Randall's office is the nerve-center for the extensive defense plans of the weekend. Randall would not detail any tactics--"Security, you know."--but his men are on a split-second schedule, the same sort of schedule that they used so well against Brown's invaders. "We've got everything covered. They'll run right into our arms."

Crime and Punishment

Things will go badly for anyone picked up for vandalism this weekend. Rumors of expulsion come from New Haven, and University officials have reiterated their statements that similar fate is in store for University students if they indulge in such pranke.

Generally things are pretty quiet, Randall reports. Even when they've been caught in the past, the Eli's have given the Yard police little or no trouble. "Most Yale men seem pretty nice," Randall comments, adding that loyal Crimson supporters cause fully as many headaches as the men from New Haven.

"We Just Catch Them . . ."

When arrested, both visitors and University students are turned over to Deans Watson and Bender. "We just catch them," Randall explains. "Sometimes the Cambridge and Boston police beat us to the punch. They aren't quite so courteous as we are."

Bingham's agents are annual actors on the Yale weekend scene. Tickets for this year's classic are selling for as much as $25 a pair, but the HAA chief is out to hold this ducat traffic to a minimum. Arrests in the past, however, have been small