Roving Wellesley Junior Recovered By Boston Police

Cold and a little confused, a 20 year old Wellesley junior. Nancy Strout, was picked up by police in Park Square, Boston, last night, after she had been reported "missing since Monday."

Holding her for questioning at a down-town police station, officials would only comment that she was "All right, but cold."

A Tower Court resident, the brunette had signed out of her dormitory at 8:40 p.m. Monday, to visit her sister, a graduate student at Yale.

According to police reports she had "changed her mind," and stayed in Boston. Where, they would not say.

Miss Strout was a member of the varsity crew squad, and the well kept secret of her disappearance was treated casually by her close friends at college. She is the daughter of Richard L. Strout, of the Christian Science Monitor.


Generally a "B" student, she was presumed to be behind in her work. The disappearance came after she had taken her first exam Monday morning.