Sale by Radcliffe Of '55 Register To Begin Monday

Radcliffe's first Freshman Register will go on sale Monday.

Along with individual photographs, the book will list the name, college address, home address, and secondary school of the freshmen. It will also include some special feature material and pictures and a message from the class president.

The publishers, the Radcliffe Yearbook, will solicit the 'Cliffe dorms, while the CRIMSON, which assisted in the publication, will offer copies of the $.50 volume at registration at Memorial Hall.

Publication of the Register began late in November after the group received the approval of the 'Cliffe Student Council. Rachel Mellinger '52, Editor of the Radcliffe Yearbook, directed the work.

The present publication arrangement received the final approval of the Radcliffe Student Council last November only after two months of considerable controversy.


In general the book is patterned after the Wellesley and Smith "datebooks," which have been published for some years now. The Register, like these other books, will be circulated among eastern men's colleges.

Whether or not, the Register will appear again next year has not definitely been decided, but good sales of the present one will be a deciding factor.