Presidents Would Abolish Athletic Grants Next Year

Eleven college president, members of a special sports committee, recommended that all athletic scholarships be abolished, last night in Washington. It was also suggested that football practice and games should be limited to the period from September 1 to the first Saturday in December.

In a slashing list of proposals made at the existing college athletic practices, the presidents recommended the abolishment of all post-season games of any sort, and suggested that both basketball and baseball games be confined within prescribed dates.

The Committee also proposed that no freshman be allowed on any varsity team and that the basis for scholarships be only the student's educational ability and financial needs, and that in no case should the amount exceed these needs.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, unable last year to curb excessive college athletics, is meeting in Cincinnati to formulate a new "Sanity Code" it hopes will replace the old ineffective one.

The N.C.A.A. will propose legislation to give the committee regulatory powers. "We think we have a potent means of enforcement brewing," Hugh C. Willett, N.C.A.A. president, stated. The new Sanity Code will consist mostly of general principles, and member institutions and conferences will make their own detailed rules and regulations.


Problems of televising of football games, over-emphasis of athletics, football "bowl" games, and the recent sports gambling scandals are also likely to come up before the N.C.A.A. conference.