Two Hour Porter Service Enforced Maids, Janitors Won't Get Pay Raise

Policy Change Ends Hasty Job Porters Given Wage Boost Feel Clamp Down Unneeded

The University cracked down on the student porters yesterday. Arthur l Trottenburg, Operating Manager College Houses and Dormitories, announced that the porters would have to put in all of the two hours that the are paid for. Trottenburg also state that the pay of the porters will be raise from 80 to 85 cents an hour.

The porters had previously been pay for two hours, but had been allowed, I do the work in as little time as the could manage. General dissatisfaction illuminated by a Student Council poll's Dunster House in which 57 percent of the Funsters voted for resumption of mal service, brought about the move.

Poll Net Main Factor

Trottenburg emphasized, however, that the poll was not the determining factor in the change. People have been checking the porters work for the last month.

The pay raise boosts the porters into second position on the University's student wage scale. Only the kitchen workers in the Houses get more, beating then by one cent with 86 cents an hour. However, all of the kitchen help are upper classmen, wheras many of the porter are freshmen.


Porters Upset

The porters themselves seemed upset about the restriction. Many of them realized that they were paying the punishment for colleagues who spent an average of 50 minutes on the job. The consensus of opinion was that they were doing a good job in an hour and a half and that an extra half hour, rather than produce cleaner rooms would only afford them, a chance to talk to friends on the job and serve to mix up their schedules.