Faculty Group Concedes Two Points Fails to Alter Membership List Rule

Council's Suggestion to Revise Ruling on Indoor Meeting New Publication Accepted

The Faculty Committee on Undergraduate Activities turned a deaf ear yesterday to the Student Council's petition to revoke the membership list rule for undergraduate organizations an conceded only minor points to the Council's other resolutions.

The two concessions were as follows

1. Modification of the rules for indoor meetings whereby joint gathering with outside organizations may now be held provided they are sponsored by the Harvard group. Formerly such joint meetings could be held only with Radcliffe groups. The Council had recommended that indoor meetings be sanctioned when the purpose are "clearly educational."

2. Abolition of the special out of requirements for new publications. No longer will now publications have to reveal their proposed "content" and "policy" to comply with the regulations. They must still demonstrate their autonomy from outside pressure however.

The Committee refused to revoke the ruling against student groups appearing on a commercial radio or television show and said any changes were up to the Corporation. The Council suggested that the Dean allow radio-TV appearances "not harmful to the University."


On the question of outdoor meetings, the Committee felt it was for Provost Buck to decide whether to adopt the Council's resolution permitting Yard gatherings "when such use will not interfere with classroom or office activities or the convenience of Yard residents."

Council President Richard M. Sandler '52 voiced the Council's disappointment at the failure to revoke the memberships rules. "While the concessions are appreciated," he said, "we are disappointed that on the matter of greatest urgency the University failed to compromise."

Council Recommendations

Last December 3 the Council suggested five changes in the present rules that Associate Dean Watson set forth in an eight-page booklet last January. At that time the Council agreed to a term's trial period which has now expired.

The Council recommended dropping the requirement that all groups leave a list of at least ten members with the Dean's Office and substituting a provision that only the names of the club's officers be filed. Also a club would only have to show, not give, such a list when applying to use University facilities.