Radcliffe Council Proposes Change For College Vote

Radcliffe will vote next week on a referendum proposing a major Student Council change. Instead of class representatives, the new system provides for Council members from the dormitories, the "functional units" of the college. The plan was proposed by Nancy Barrow '53, President of Radcliffe's Student Government Association, and was approved by the Cedar Hill Conference in September.

According to Miss Barrow, the new plan is a delayed recognition of the fact that the dormitory, not the class, is the functional unit at Radcliffe.

Two from Larger Dorms

Under the new system, the four large dormitories, Briggs, Cabot, Moors, and Holmes, will elect two representatives to Council, while the smaller halls, Barnard, Bertram, Eliot, and the off-campus houses will each elect one.

Voting will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, "Pay Days" when Annex students pay their Student Government Association dues. The class of 1955 will vote also on minor changes in its class constitution, copies of which are currently posted in each dormitory.


Formerly each class sent their representatives to the Student Council after a College-wide vote. There was no stipulation as to how many representatives could come from one dormitory.