Senator Jenner Attacks 'Civil Liberties' Signers

Announces CRIME, Trio 'Hate America'

Senator William E. Jenner of Indiana blasted the CRIMSON and three University professors yesterday as "Pink Boys and Campus Theorists."

"Why they hate America so much, I don't know," said Jenner, upon learning that over 5,000 copies of a letter asking for contributions to defeat himself and Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis.) had been sent from Cambridge to faculty members in universities throughout the nation.

Called the "1952 Civil Liberties Appeal," the letter was signed by Archibald MacLeish, Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory; Arthur M. Schlesinger, Sr., Francis Lee Higgenson Professor of History; Mark DeWolfe Howe '28, professor of Law.

The CRIMSON had published the first account of the Appeal yesterday morning.

"Smear Campaign"


"This is a continuation of the smear campaign against me and Senator McCarthy," said Jenner when he heard about the letter in Indianapolis. He accused the professors and the CRIMSON of "doing their best to defeat any man who stands up and fights for America."

Jenner has been under heavy attack from Democratic Presidential nominee Adlai E. Stevenson and President Truman for using the libel-free halls of the U.S. Senate to brand General George C. Marshall "the living lie" and "a front man for trajtors." Marshall was Chief-of-Staff of the Army during World War II.

Money Coming In

None of the professors could be reached for comment last night, but a check at Schlesinger's home, to which the contributions are being mailed, showed that some had already started to come in.

When informed of Jenner's statement, Lloyd I. Rudolph '48, teaching fellow in Government and administrative director of the appeal, said it "made the importance of the appeal clearer than ever." He issued a call for "all the assistance we can get" to complete the proposed mailing of 20,000 letters.

According to the letter, the money collected will go toward the campaigns of Indiana's Governor Henry F. Schricker. Jenner's opponent: Thomas E. Fairchild, who is running against Senator McCarthy in Wisconsin, and Connection's Senator William Henten