Split Within YDC Complete; Tobin Asks Money Return

Currey Won't Give Spent Club Money

University Hall yesterday indicated that it would not recognize the Young Democrat splinter group as long as the new-born organization "duplicates the policies, ideas, and candidates of the present organization."

And last night there was evidence that the mavericks would not be much different from the regular Young Democrats.

James C. Currey '52 1L, one of the leaders of the partition, said the new group is the "real Harvard Young Democratic Club" and would call itself just that.

At the same time, Stanley E. Tobin '53, president of the regular Young Democratic Club, announced he would demand that Currey return by Sunday the $60 used to sponsor a beer party. Tobin said that such an expenditure was "illegal" according to the club's constitution which says that an expenditure can be made only "with the approval of the President." According to Tobin, this approval was never obtained.

Dever to Speak


Tobin also said that Governor Paul A. Dever of Massachusetts would appear as scheduled before the Young Democrats in a closed meeting in Littauer Auditorium this afternoon.

In the meantime, the two warring factions continued their battle of words, but last night it appeared that the conflict was near an end.

Tobin said that Currey, by using the club's money for the beer party, CRIMSON advertisement, and pamphlet, has left the group with "about $10."

But Currey countered that his group was the proper one and should control the finances. He said he wouldn't give Tobin a cent.

Hidden Preference

The dispute started when Currey, who refuses to express preference for a Presidential candidate, started to war within the Young Democrats. Tobin, elected president last spring, had indicated he wanted the organization to endorse Stevenson and local Democrats including Governor Dever. But Currey didn't want to back local officials and even had reservations about supporting Stevenson.

Baum has since joined the Currey forces. Although he was one of the four people who signed an order blank for beer, he said he did not want the party held in his room.

Then Currey held a party in Claverly Hall, at which time pamphlets containing exaggerated Trumanesque statements were handed out.

The beer party was held in the room of the HYDC vice-president, George F. Baum '55, who was away at the time and knew nothing of the party or the pamphlets.

The Currey faction attempted to gain control of the HYDC meeting Wednesday, but failed to do so after Tobin allowed only men whose names were on a prepared list to enter the meeting room. Currey had about 100 followers prepared to join the meeting.

Double Groups

Associate Dean Watson revealed University policy toward the like-named Young Democratic Clubs. He said, "If the Young Democrats want to have another organization, and they will not duplicate each other's action, I don't see why they shouldn't." But he added that "there wouldn't be any point in parallel organizations."

However, if the plans made by two Lampoonsters--Henry S. Zeigler '55 and Thomas D. Edwards '53--who seemingly have taken over the splinter group, are followed, the new organization would be identical with the regular Young Democrats, even to the name.