Griswold Criticizes Nixon's Attack On Adlai's Deposition for Hiss

Dean Griswold, in answer to a question from the audience at last night's Law School Forum, bitterly criticized Senator Nixon's attack on Governor Stevenson's deposition in the Hiss case.

The forum was held in Langdell Courtroom on "How the Faculty Votes."

Supporting the candidacy of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Griswold termed the attack poor citizenship, bad politics, and "poor law." He said he hoped it would not have much political effect.

Stevenson testified as to the good reputation of Alger Hiss, who graduated from the Law School in 1929.

On the Stevenson side, Dean Cavers said Republicans are virtually saying, "Let us not confuse the people by giving them too much to think about now. Don't worry, lke will take care of us all; big brother knows best."


"Can we stay out of a major war and not go broke" is the major issue according to W. Barton Leach, Story Professor of Law. He said cuts in the $60 billion defense budget are easy because atomic power has revolutionized warfare.

As to candidate qualifications for this job, Leach said, "Gen. Bradley briefed Stevenson for 30 minutes; Eisenhower spent most of his mature life preparing," but added, "However, there is not much to choose between Dick and his dog and John and his southern drawl."