Hallinan to Speak Tuesday; Young Progressives Revive

Vincent Hallinan, Progressive Party Presidential nominee, will speak on "The 1952 Campaign" Tuesday in the New Lecture Hall at 4 p.m. This will be the only appearance of a presidential candidate in a University building.

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower will drive through Cambridge Tuesday on his tour of Massachusetts.

The talk is sponsored by the Young Progressives, who managed to officially "revive" yesterday after a month of inactivity by filing with the Dean's Office the required ten-member list.

Hallinan, a California civil rights and criminal lawyer, was nominated this summer while serving a jail sentence for contempt of court. He was indicted after serving as defense council in the Harry Bridges deportation case.

No Advisers


The Y.P.'s have secured permission to sponsor Hallinan's talk, but have yet to secure two faculty or alumni advisers. However, Dean Watson said yesterday that this failure will not endanger the club's existence.

"If the Young Progressives make a concerted effort to get faculty advisers, the Faculty Committee on Undergraduate Activities will certainly not suspend their charter," Watson said yesterday. "All I ask is that they act in good faith."

Watson is secretary of the Faculty Committee.

Third Rule Waiver

This is not the first time the Committee has had to waive the adviser requirement in the case of the Y.P.'s; it complied to Watson's request both in March 1951 and again last spring when convinced that the club had made "a concerted effort" to secure advisers.

Nicolai Cikovsky, Jr. '55, temporary Y.P. president, plans to hold the first official club meeting within ten days.