Jayvess Stop Dean Academy Here, 33-14; Crimson Penalties Are No Help to Losers

The Crimson junior varsity managed to stay on side often enough to score five touchdowns and crush an inept Dean Academy team, 33 to 14, in a sloppy game at Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon.

In between penalties, the jayvees showed a fair running attack, and a spotty inconsistent passing game. But the Crimson was offside so often that by the end of the third period a frustrated Norman Shepard was benching any player who jumped the count.

Even with the penalties, and empassioned referees who implored the Harvard linement to "take it easy," Dean Academy showed nothing. Just how it got on the schedule is somewhat of a mystery. An unfortunate one, too, for Shepard's team would have benefitted more from an intra-squad scrimmage. As it was, the team completely slacked, made high-schoolish mistakes, and won easily.

Score Called Back

Sophomores Bob Zuege and Bob Albert led the "T" team for a sustained 50 yard march right after the opening kickoff. Quarterback Walt Greeley, unable to hand off to a halfback, stumbled over the goal line for what seemed like the first score. But the Crimson was offside and on the next play Albert carried ten yards for the score. Al Rossow, aided by a Dean offside that gave him a second chance, kicked the first of his three conversions.


Two penalties, and a lofty pass set up the Dean touchdown in the second quarter, with halfback John Ferulla going off tackle for the score. Buster Carline then kicked the first of his two extra points.

Sophomores Frank White and George MacDonald set up the second Crimson touchdown with runs of 29 and 15 yards. Howie Finney carried the last 12 yards for the touchdown, his third of the year. MacDonald scored a few plays later, bucking over from the three.

Nick Margolis and Albert got the final Crimson touchdowns, the former scoring from the four in the third period, the latter driving off tackle from the three in the last period.

Dean scored its other touchdown in the fourth quarter when Jack Underwood caught a Carline pass on his own 45 and reversing his field, outraced everyone for a touchdown.

Last week, the Jayvees beat Nichols Junior College, 33 to 0.