University Gives Approval For 'Closed' Film Society

University authorities yesterday gave Ivy Films a green light to go ahead with plans for a new college film society. The new society will be closed, with admission by membership card only.

Ivy Films immediately announced that a contract for 17 film programs had been agreed upon with the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The purpose of the new society, according to its director, Leroy Huntington '53, will be to "provide the student body with a living course on the motion picture such as now taught at NYU, CONY, and the University of California." Each program of films will represent a particular phase in the development of the industry.

No Individual Tickets

The contract with the Museum of Modern Art placed strict provisions upon the program. Admission to any of the films tracing the development of movies from 1895 to the present will be by yearly or halfyear membership cards only. No individual tickets will be sold.


The price of membership for the entire series has been set at five dollars. Halfyear membership will cost three dollars. The Museum has agreed, however, to a special introductory membership card for the first two showings.

The first film program is scheduled for Friday, November 14th. Subsequent movies will be held every Friday from that date on.

Door to Door Canvas

Tickets for the society will probably be sold at the beginning of next week. A door to door canvas is scheduled.

Under the contract with the Museum, 50 percent of the profit will be retained by it. Ivy Films will receive the other half of the profit "to be used solely for educational services connected with the movie industry." Huntington indicated yesterday that tentative plans call for a series of lectures in the event the new program produces sufficient profit.