Inter-Lab Bridge Nears Completion

Construction on a $75,000 overhead bridge connecting several Physics laboratories (below) will be complete shortly, after more than three months of work, Irving B. Parkehurst, Director of Buildings and Grounds, said yesterday.

The bridge was slated for completion by December 1, but construction difficulties have set the schedule a month behind, and completion is now expected by January 1.

Begun late in August, the bridge will provide an overhead passageway between Pierce Hall and Cruft Laboratory. The bridge is intended to house the Department of Applied Sciences under one roof.

The connection will also house 20 small offices, to be used by the Physics and Applied Science Departments.

By linking the laboratories, the bridge provides a continuous indoors connection running through Jefferson, Lyman, Cruft, and Pierce Halls. It puts the Departments of Physics and Applied Sciences, and the Graduate School of Engineering almost entirely under one roof.


At the Gordon McKay Laboratory, a pent-house is under construction, making possible the carrying on of antenna research.