...And Then There Were None

The job of Alva 1C. Kelley, head football coach at Brown has been a singularly difficult one this year; the loss of 20 men through graduation and 14 through ineligibility has forced him to do a complete rebuilding job for the second year in a row. Things are so bad in Providence, in fact, that Kelley has gone beyond playing sophomores who started on the 1951 freshman team he has had to use second year men who were third and fourth string players.

Don Cottey, 165 pound junior who will run the team from the T formation quarterback position is the tip off to the job Kelley has had. Cottey didn't play offense at all last year; pre-season publicity releases termed him an "average ball player except on defense." Despite the fact that the publicity book lists him as five feet, no inches tall, Cottey will double as a safety man.

Everett Pearson, a minor sensation last year as a freshman, but something less this year, will play left half. Ken Kessaris, 163 pound back who led the Bruins in scoring with 24 points, and rushing, with a 4, 6 average last year will start at right half, Ed Lawrence, son of the famed halfback on the Brown Iron Man team, will be at fullback.

Pearson, like Cottey, will go both ways, while sophomore Vince Jazwinski will take over for the younger more mortal Lawrence, and Jerry Harverty will replace Kessaris on defense. Harverty is one of the ten letter men on the team, and the 195 pound Jazwinski one of the faster Bruins.

John Anderson is the only starting veteran on the line. Charlie Brown, a reserve center on the 1951, freshman team is one of the bright spots on the defensive team. Linebacker Brown made over 50 percent of the Bruin tackles against Princeton; the whole Tiger team congratulated him after the game was over.


Captain Maurice Matteodo is the only letterman of the guards, sophomore Bill Klaess goes both ways at left guard. The 170 pound Matteodo is one of the fastest Bruin linemen, while 195 pound Klaess was co-caption of the freshman team that best Harvard 46 to 13 last year.

Howie Borpeson, at 210 pounds and brother of the national weight champion Gil, will start at right tackle on offense, and may see a little action on defense, Bruce Hunt, a slow 200 pounder, should see some action at defensive tackle.

The mid-summer drafting of star end Joe Bianowies hurt the Bruins badly. Bianowies, was the team's defensive standout last year as a sophomore, playing a particularly good game against Princeton. Dave Yale, a top flight two way player as a freshman last year, will start at right end and will probably go both ways. Ron Abdow, the only veteran end, may see a great deal of action either way. Ken Lyons, six foot two inch sophomore, who also played both ways as a freshman, may start at left end today, with reserve back Charley Judkins spelling him on defense.