Dartmouth Statistics Reveal 'Cliffe Low in House Party Invites

Seven out of ten Radcliffe girls may marry Harvard men, but the 'Cliffedwellers fall far behind other women's colleges in popularity in the rest of the Ivy League, a survey revealed yesterday.

The statistics were compiled through the good offices of The Daily Dartmouth, which follows the habit of printing the names of every girl invited to the annual fall Houseparty weekend. The weekend fell on November 8 this autumn, and The Dartmouth, true to form, printed the names of all 1289 young women who were asked up to Hanover.

Smith Tops

The Annex was outclassed by Smith (149), Colby Junior College (112), Mount Holyoke (92), Skidmore (86), Wellesley (79), Bradford Junior (28), Vassar (27), Connecticut College for Women (26), and Green Mountain Junior College (25). A preliminary examination revealed that Radcliffe was also outnumbered by The University of Massachusetts, Simmons, Boston University, Mount Ida, and LaSalle, all of which placed in the teens.

Radcliffe had five representatives at the Houseparties weekend.


Although proximity seemed to be an over-riding consideration with the men in Green so far as dates were concerned (c.f. the popularity of nearby Colby and Smith), local experts pointed out yesterday that Conn. College is a good deal further from Hanover than in Radcliffe, while B.U., Simmons, LaSalle, and Wellesley are all in the same general area as the Annex.

Brown Game Away

Local competition for Radcliffe girls was also at a comparative low-point last weekend, as Harvard played an away game.

One explanation for the scarcity of Radcliffe girls on the list lies in the fact that Dartmouth men must submit the names of their dates to the newspaper in advance, and that there is no compulsion to make a man admit where his date is from.