Lowell Downs Bunnies, Cops Title; Will Play Yale Soccer Team Friday

With a penalty kick in the last second of the first half, Lowell House captured the House soccer title yesterday, squeaking by Leverett 1 to 0. The Bellboys will play the champion Yale team Friday.

The penalty came when Lowell inside, Steele Comager, headed the ball at Bunny fullback Paul Gherighe. The ball hit Gherighe on the left arm, just as time ran out, but referee Pete Briggs called a foul and Stan Loeb took the shot. Leverett goalie Bob Roseman never had a chance as Loeb shot close to the post for the deciding score.

The rest of the game was nip and tuck, featuring outstanding defensive play by both teams. Lowell goalie Paul Alpers saved the game for the Bellboys early in the second half with a diving save after he had gone almost 20 feet out of the goal. Alpers smothered the ball just as a Leverett man was about to kick in the tying goal.

Wilde Leads Leverett

Griff Buttrick and Lyal Milde, Lowell fullbacks, kept Alpers out of trouble for most of the game.


Cecil Wilde led the Leverett team with his aggressive play at center half. Fullbacks Oakley Thorne and Gherighe broke up most Bellboy scoring threats before they developed. Job Bray, Brad Richardson, and Otto Grott also played well for the Bunnies.

Going into the game, Lowell had ten points and Leverett nine. Dunster, last year's champion, had completed its schedule and ended with 11 points.