Even Police Call Weekend 'Quiet'

The Yale manager scored, cars were towed away, rain flooded the streets, and when the last bird-dogging bulldog entrained for New Haven last night it was distressingly evident that the weekend had been at best dull.

There were no riots. In fact City Councilman Edward J. Sullivan will introduce a motion at the Council meeting today ordering a formal congratulation to "the Harvard boys" for good behavior over the weekend. As one of the Yardcops commented last night, it was quieter than any football weekend all fall.

There were no parodies. Nobody swam the Charles. And no drunks ran across the gridiron. Dull is the only word for it.

Ten Cars Towed

Cambridge police towed away ten cars from the vicinity of Lowell House. The cars were abandoned by frantic fans before the game who realized too late that there wasn't a parking space within a mile of the Stadium. When they came back after the game, other cars had piled up, completely blocking Holyoke Place and jamming Mt. Auburn Street in front of the Lampoon Building.


Weather made driving dangerous all Saturday night. Gale winds blew from six to nine p.m., dropping to strong just after nine when the real downpour began. An inch and a half fell during the evening.

Had the game been played in New Haven this year, the outcome might have been different. Almost two inches fell between 1:30 and 4 p.m. throughout southern Connecticut.