Mulvihill, Capp to Judge Maid Final; Jewelry, Orchids, Nylons to Winner

Daniel G. Mulvihill, president of the University Employees Representative Union, and Al Capp, famed cartoonist, will help choose the College's favorite maid.

Kirkland House Committee Chairman Allan N. Reiselbach '53 said last night that Capp, Mulvihill, and one judge yet to be named will pick the winner Wednesday night. He also announced gifts for the favorite from Square merchants.

The contest marks the maid system's 270th year as a College institution.

Six House committees will meet tomorrow night to select the best-liked maid in their House. Anyone who believes his maid should be the favorite should list the extra services performed by her and reasons why she should be chosen. The lists should be submitted to members of the House Committees by 7 p.m.

So far, gifts going to the winner are: a bracelet from Diana Christine: a Parisian silk scarf from Elaine Claire; a blouse from the Town and Travel Shop: a copy of the Betty Crocker giant cook book from the Harvard Book Store.


Also, a triple orchid corsage from Sage's florists; nylon stockings from the Touraine shop; a box of Fanny Farmer chocolates; and a genuine Harvard lace garter from Bermorr's.

Mulvihill, who has been HUERA president for 12 years, said he knew of many maids who had letters from students' mothers thanking them for the services the maids had done. "I'm glad the students are finally showing their appreciation," he said.

Dunster House had student porters last year, but public opinion brought the maids back. There are over 100 maids in the Houses and another 100 in Graduate living quarters.