Acheson, Marshall, Mrs. Roosevelt Included in Law Forum Invitations

Secretary of State Dean Acheson, Dr. Alfred Kinsey, Trygve Lie, secretary-general of the U.N., Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, General George C. Marshall, and Walter Reuther, are among speakers invited to participate in Law School Forums for the rest of the year, the Forum announced yesterday.

The group also named its new slate of officers. Martin J. Hertz 3L of Brooklyn, president-elect, replaces Fred A. Levy 3L of New York City, who will remain as treasurer. Other new officers are: Jack Olive 2L of Ruston, La., 1st vice-president; Edmund R. Rosenkrantz 2L of New York City, 2nd vice-president; and Robert Goldselmeider 2L of New York City, secretary.

Hollywood Discussion Due

Jose Ferrer will join Robert Montgomery in a discussion of the "Communist Purge in Hollywood" February 13. Although dates for the following four forums are set, speakers are still tentative.

A discussion of "How Can We Mitigate Industrial Strikes" is billed for January 30. The Forum has invited Reuther, new head of the CIO; Fred Hartley, co-author of the Taft-Hartley Law; and Martin Durkin, newly-appointed Secretary of Labor. No replies have been received yet, however.


General Bradley Invited

Acheson, Marshall, and Omar Bradley have been invited to debate on the topic: "U.S. and Russia? The Cold War" on February 27. Mrs. Roosevelt and Lie are possibilities for a forum on "The Evolution of the Work of the U.N." later in March.

The last forum, on "The Double Standard in Sex" on April 3, may include Kinsey and Margaret Mead.