Houses Elect Seven as Council Representatives

Winthrop Reelects Incumbent Tulenko

Nearly 1,880 undergraduates voted in the Houses yesterday to send seven men and one incumbent to the Student Council as House representatives, President Richard E. Johnson '53 said last night.

Six seniors and one incumbent, who failed in his bid for reelection, will vacate their positions at the end of the term.

The Eliot House election will be run off again Monday, Johnson said, because of mis-ballotting. Candidates John S. Chartfield '55, Edward S. Davis '54, Paul S. Horowitz '55, Johnson C. Montgomery '55, and Michael Ward '54 remain in the running.

John Tulenko '54, of Holyoke, Mass., one of the incumbents, was reelected at Winthrop. The other representatives are: Adams--Robert A. G. Monks '54 of Cohasset Mass.; Dudley--Gerard Alch '54 of Dorchester, Mass.; Dunster--Robert L. Goldman '54 of Woodmere, New York; Kirkland--Samuel A. Cousins '54 of Philadelphia, Pa.; Leverett--Richard B. Baumgartner '54 of Kansas City, Mo.; Lowell--Anthony C. Bielenson '54 of Mt. Versea N.Y.

Join In Spring


The seven new representatives will not join the Council until the spring term. At the first Council meeting in February they and the six upperclass representatives will replace six seniors and the defeated incumbent.

Johnson reported last night nine juniors and six sophomores met yesterday's 5:30 p.m. deadline for petition to the class elections. These will be run off Friday in the Houses and Thursday and Friday at Dudley.