Nassau Quad Club Wants Flag Back

Princeton's Quadraugle Club President yesterday charged Harvard undergraduates with flag-stealing.

Dale Sprankle, Princeton '52, claimed visiting students removed the flag from a pole over his eating club's Prospect Avenue doorway during the Harvard-Princeton game on November 8.

"Most likely it was a Harvard man who took it," Sprankle said. "After all, who would have any use for it up here?"

The flag is blue and gold and measure eight and a half by fire and a half feet. The Club offers to pay all mauing expenses.

This is the second such charge this fall. Two weeks ago Brown's Dean of Students, Edward Durgin, wrote the Dean's Office here to "seek inforuation" about the rumour that Harvard students took six fraternity hom flags the weekend of November 15.


Durgin said yesterday that two of the missing flags (Delta Upston and yets Dsi) were returned last week. Fratergity men claimed the flags were wrapped to plain paper and left user the Zeta Psl doorway.

The Dean admitted earlier he had no proof that Harvard men were responsible, bu fraternity presidents had few denbis about the entpits. One told the Brown Building and Grounds department "It was a planned thing."