Ex-Med Teacher Plans Removal of Atrocity Leader From U.S.A.F.

A one-man campaign by an ex-Medical School instructor to oust one of the top Nazi medical "experimenters" at Dachau and Buchenwald from his present job with the Air Force has received the encouragement of Massachusetts Senator Leverett D. Saltonstall '14, the CRIMSON learned last night.

Since November, Dr. Leo Alexander has been calling attention to the fact that Dr. Walter P. Schreiber, Chief of Medical Science in Supreme Command of the German Army during World War II, is working for the United States Air Force School of Aviation Medicine, Randolph Field, Texas. His efforts finally began to get results last week when the Boston Physician's Forum sent a letter to President Truman demanding that Dr. Schreiber be removed from his job.

Dr. Alexander was an instructor in neurology at the Medical School from 1934 to 1941. He is at present a practicing neuropsychiatrist and an instructor in psychiatry at the Tufts Medical School.

No Official Notice

The letter to President Truman was signed by Dr. Alexander, Dr. Edward L. Young '06, chairman of the Boston Physician's Forum, and other doctors from this area. Dr. Young said last night that Saltonstall had told him he "would be glad to investigate the matter" if and when it was brought to his attention in Washington. The White House has not as yet taken official notice of the letter, but Washington sources report that Air Force intelligence officers are investigating the case.


Dr. Alexander, who acted as civilian consultant for the Allies at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials, said Dr. Schreiber "was a special Russian pet from 1945 to 1948," but that he fled to West Germany after an amnesty for war criminals had been declared. "Now he thinks the heat is off, and he's come over to our side," Dr. Alexander added.

Dr. Schreiber's Air Force job is with the Department of Global Preventive Medicine.