Feinberg, Ex-Law Student, Admits Basketball Fixing

Former Law School student Saul Feinberg has pleaded guilty to a bribery indictment in New York's General Sessions. Feinberg told the court he bribed a University of Kentucky basketball player to fix the score of a Madison Square Garden Tournament game three years ago. He will be sentenced March 25.

The maximum sentence is five years, or a $10,000 fine, or both. There is no minimum penalty, the decision being entirely up to the court.

Feinberg will be sentenced by Judge Saul Streit, who recently issued a bitter denunciation of the present condition of sports.

Feinberg allegedly gave Kentucky captain Dale Barnstable $500 to shave points in the Kentucky-Loyola National Invitation Tournament game held March 14, 1949. Favored Kentucky was "upset" by Loyola, 67-56.

A charge claiming an attempt to rig games played by Bradley University has also been leveled against Feinberg. Eight Bradley players have been accused of "throwing" games.


At the time of his arrest, a Law School classmate called Feinberg "The sort of guy who likes to talk big about his illegal deals and boasts of his underworld friends. I considered him just a talker." Friends said that Feinberg had talked knowingly of the series of basketball scandals, and hinted he knew more than the police.