Design School Council Seeks Conant Parley

Poll Says Students Still Want Design 1

The Student Council of the Graduate School of Design will sponsor a group of students who will bring student opinion about the retention of Design 1 before President Conant "as soon as possible," A. Gordon Hall 3D, president of the Council, announced yesterday.

Hall said the Council took the action when they learned that the course would be dropped at the end of this term and found results favorable to the course in a poll taken among students.

Design 1 is the School of Design's basic course in the theory of design. It embodies the theories of Walter Gropius, professor of Architecture, and the Bauhaus school.

"When the interest of the students taking the course was reported to the Student Council, the Council polled the members of Planning 1, a course whose students had taken or were taking Design 1, and reported the results to Mr. Gropius and Dean Hudnut," Hall said.

The poll indicated that the students were in favor of retaining the course, although some felt it should undergo minor modifications.


Poll Given to Dean

When the findings were presented to Dean Hudnut, Hall continued, the Dean said that if the students disagreed with his reasons for dropping the course, they could bring their opinions before President Conant.

"The purpose of the Council is to express student opinions in a constructive way to the administration, including President Conant and report back to the students of the school," Hall stated.

"We are planning for a group of students to see President Conant shortly to state their feelings on the importance of Design 1 to our architectural education," he concluded.

William N. Morgan '52, who was in charge of the Planning 1 poll, said, "We feel the course should be retained and modified."