Tokyo University Plans Adaptation Of Design 1 Idea

A Japanese professor intends to start a course similar to Design 1 at Tokyo University, Richard Filipowski, instructor in Design, said last night.

Ryuichi Hamaguchi, professor of basic design and the history of architecture at Tokyo University, has been travelling in this country for some months. According to Filipowski, he is interested in bringing American architectural methods back to Japan.

Filipowski, who teaches Design 1, stated that Hamaguchi had inspected the work in the course and was "very favorably impressed."

"We discussed the aspects of the program for about five hours, and he now wants to inaugurate a similar course in Tokyo."

Hamaguchi, who also is an editor of Kokusai-Kentiku, a monthly architectural magazine, took several pictures of work done in the course. He intends to print them along with a story on Design 1 when he returns to Japan.


Last week, Joseph Hudnut '09, dean of the School of Design, announced that he would drop Design 1 from the curriculum at end of this term.